Eco Travel – We can make the difference

“Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints !”

Hello, Traveler.

You have done a great job choosing us! We are excited and are looking forward to hosting a trip with you, so memorable and exciting, that it will forever remain a part of your flashbacks.

We take sheer pleasure being amidst the cornucopia of nature. Therefore, we as infinitesimals in front of the might of nature, we can abide by certain guidelines that would extend our gratefulness to her by leaving a minimum footprint and preserving the flora, fauna, biodiversity and ecology of a concerned region as a whole. This is also for a caring attitude towards the indigenous or local communities of a particular region.

As your host and companion in life-reviving trips, we undoubtedly believe of your support to us in helping a bit to nature and become an Eco-Traveler. An Eco-Traveler travels with an Ecotourism just like us!

Now, what is Ecotourism?

Merriam Webster (Dictionary) defines Ecotourism as the practice of travelling to beautiful natural places for pleasure in a way that does not damage the environment there. And that’s so true. We exactly are ecotourism.

Therefore, all these said, you are ready for a trip you have never had like before, plus contribute your part towards supporting, protecting and enjoying nature at the same time experiencing the local heritage and culture. Because tourism is more than a travel and that it has social and environmental impacts, as a part of our concern we have therefore curated these To-Dos that you can effortlessly perform.

Here’s what you can do-
  • Carry own water bottles, cups, plates and fill water from natural resources.
  • Strictly use litter bins for trashing non-decomposing items. Avoid purchasing items packed in plastic and carry a waste bag for your personal non-biodegradable wastes.
  • Enjoy watching the biodiversity of the geography. Refrain from playing loud music or being loud anyways.
  • Purchase locally produced items from handicrafts, breweries and savouries, this will help them economically and support their industry.
  • Try to keep minimum to no carbon footprint and no plastic on your trail.
  • Try not to burn plastic or wood.

NOTE: As we step outdoors in virgin lands, we are stepping in the home of animals and birds. It is our responsibility to ensure they are left undisturbed.

Things you should carry as an Eco-Traveler:

Apart from personal belongings like clothing and toiletries, the following items are needed to be carried in order to make the travel comfortable at the same time leaving little to no negative impact on nature.

  • Carry your own water bottles, teacups and tiffin boxes for packing lunch, instead of using disposable packing materials.
  • Water bottle with filters are available, however, the natural resources are often clean and pristine.
  • It is good to carry dry fruits, nuts, chocolates and honey for personal use and get energy boosts whenever needed.
  • Carry a day bag pack, we will provide potters for those who need it, however, only essentials can be carried for an overnight trek in a bag pack. A waste bag is a must to collect wastes while on the way.
  • Travel light and easy and you will enjoy the true essence of nature!

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